10 Steps to Success

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Step 1: What Product Is Right For You?
There are multiple factors that can influence this decision. The three most prevalent factors are budget, risk, and location. You must first decide what your comfortable level of investment is. More money invested + more time invested = more risk, and vice versa. When investing in a Coffee Shop or Café, you can usually expect to spend $100K – $250K, while a Drive-Thru will require $45K-$150K. For a smaller, more mobile, and more economical investment, you should consider a Kiosk, which can cost $40K – $75K, or a Cart, which would require around $20K – $25K to get started.

Step 2: Business Plan
The Business Plan Package was designed to assist customers in defining a strategic path for opening a coffee business and fulfilling their future business goals. This comprehensive package includes a sample business plan formatted for presenting to investors, property management, business owners, etc. It will be used for securing financing and clearly defining the expansion and growth of the coffee business
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Step 3: Branding the Concept
Every new business must have a distinct and unique brand to be successful in the coffee industry. Successful coffee businesses build their brand, exploit it, use it to their advantage, to their community’s advantage and most of all these businesses stay dedicated to their brand making conscious decisions to build their brand image. In today’s society, branding isn’t just a logo on the bottom of an advertisement. Today’s successful brands represent the product you provide, the service you give, and the dedicated customers you have. Work with an Advanced Fabrication consultant to begin building your brand today!
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 Step 4: Location Selection and Negotiation
Location selection is the most important aspect of starting a coffee shop, café, drive-thru, kiosk, or cart business. You’ve heard it said before – "Location, location, location." The specialty coffee industry is exploding right now and successful businesses are popping up everywhere. Your location should be in proportion to the investment, volume, variety, profit and vision of your future business. Advanced Fabrication’s team of experienced Site Selection Specialists will work together with you to provide you with the tools necessary to find, negotiate, and secure a location that will ultimately increase your chances for success


Step 5: Coffee Business Layout and Design
The Layout and design of the business is one of the most crucial parts of opening a coffee shop, drive thru, cart or kiosk. The flow with reference to equipment and POS transaction positioning will play a vital role in the efficiency. How do you want your café to feel? How will you be serving the drinks and are you targeting the right market within the design? These are all things you must take in account for and we can guide  you to success.

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Step 6: Project Management
Managing a coffee shop from start to finish is a crucial part of opening a successful coffee business on time and within budget. Some of the key factors to consider are timeline within lease negotiation for free rent or (TI) tenant improvements. Who will be meeting with the building department? Who will be pushing the plans through the health department and working with the zoning committee if necessary? Who will be pulling all the bids for the various sub contractors and insuring that they meet the project’s timeline? Will there be a general contractor controlling the project? Who is organizing the final steps to completion and meeting with the various inspectors for final approval? These are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer when evaluating the process of managing a coffee shop, drive thru or kiosk project.

Step 7

Step 7: Architectural Management
If you choose to invest in a coffee shop, café, or in some cases a drive-thru, you will need to work with an architect to draft your construction plans. You will need to decide who will be drafting your set of architectural plans, who will get the plans approved, and whether or not they include mechanical or engineering costs. Our consultants will work together with the architect to ensure a smooth running project.

Step 8: Case Work, Refrigeration & Equipment
In this step we determine what type of case work you would like, and what materials you would like these units fabricated out of. Then we will determine what refrigeration, ice maker, and freezer equipment will be the best fit for your shop. Do you want to display cheese cake and European pastries or have a Grab ‘N Go? We will assist you in formulating the costs associated with wood grain materials, solid-surface countertops, refrigeration, and display cases. We work with materials from Formica®, Wilsonart®, Corian®, LG Hi-Macs®, and Samsung’s Staron® line, just to name a few.
Step 9
Step 9: Tenant Improvements, Packaging, Delivery, and Installation
Tenant Improvements are all of the construction work that is done on site for a coffee shop, and is the foundation or footings for a modular building. T.I. includes flooring, framing, painting, demo, drywall, HVAC, lighting, electrical, concrete cutting, concrete pouring, plumbing, back fill, water heater and window installation, as well as various other services. Advanced Fabrication will manage the project from start to finish and control all T.I. improvements on your behalf.
Shipping and Installation
Packaging, delivery, and installation of your case work, kiosk units, or cart and equipment is an extremely important aspect of your project. The installers that set up the case work will affect the overall look and feel of the business, while the technicians that install and test your equipment will ensure proper operation.
Advanced Fabrication’s worldwide shipping network include fully insured major carriers specializing in custom fabricated products. Our shipping resources specialize in the fragile tasks of loading and unloading to ensure there is no damage to your investment!

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Step 10: Barista and Coffee Business Training
You have a great location, a great design, and your build-out is almost complete,but you have no idea how to prepare espresso based drinks, who to hire, or how to run day-to-day operations. Advanced Fabrication is committed to providing you with the training and guidance necessary to increase your chances of a successful business venture. Advanced Fabrication offers two of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. One program puts emphasis on Barista training, while the other focuses on the fundamentals of owning and operating a coffee business.
Grand Opening
Grand Opening
The Grand Opening is a very crucial part of your future business success. Customers are giving you a try and testing your product, customer service, and atmosphere. At this point, you should have an abundance of marketing material designed to draw customers to your door. This is when you have the chance to make a great first impression that can ultimately lead to the success of your new business.

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